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Let us be your partner in Property Management

Are you missing a chance to make more money? Let us be your partner in Property Management!

Are You Tired Of Losing Money On Opportunities You Missed?

Are you a Realtor who has customers interested in buying South Florida investment property and needing property management services but you are losing out because you don’t manage property? Now you do! Please use FLORIDA MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING GROUP as your property management partner! We have the experience and the dedication to do the job right. We are interested in helping people who are renting their properties to secure professional property management services so they can do what they do best – make more money and enjoy their free time!

South Florida residential property management company

FLORIDA MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING GROUP is a local residential property management company that has managed. hundreds of single family homes, condos, and duplexes here in South Florida for over 35 years. We can manage the day to day stuff which seems to be a headache for most people who try to manage their own real estate investments- or even for Realtors who are not comfortable with this “specialized” part of the real estate business. We manage property from West Palm Beach to Miami Beach and everywhere in between.
If we can help you, please contact us about our Property Management Partnership Program. We will protect your interests as well as ours. Ask about our personal guarantee- we will put it in writing!!!
Florida Management and Consulting Group is a Realtors best friend!
Call Dave Harper at 954-752-0547 or complete the form on this page.

Not interested in managing property anymore? We are interested in expanding our business however if you currently manage property but would like to sell your business, Florida Management and Consulting Group would be happy to talk to you about purchasing your operations. Give us a call to set up a confidential, no obligation meeting.

Refer a Client

Refer a Client

If you own a rental property in Broward, this is the company you want managing your property. In my opinion, FMCGI is ideal for both seasoned investors owning multiple properties, as well as first time landlords.

When I started business with FMCGI, I was a new investor living in California, who had just purchased his first duplex. Dave, Roger, and their staff have taken care of me ever since that first phone call. Among other things, they eliminate headaches and present me with the best long-term business strategies to meet my goals, as I plan to own more properties. Their emphasis on finding quality tenants (not just the first person with a deposit) and mitigating issues before they become problems has proven crucial to the success of my investment.

Robert C.

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Property Management Company in the Coral Springs Area.

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