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At Florida Management and Consulting Group we have a full time team member assigned as our Customer Service Manager. The Customer Service Managers only job is to provide outstanding customer service to our tenants and landlords.

And the job isn’t done until everyone is happy!

Roger and Dave are property managers with Florida Management and have many years of experience actually managing property….AND they are committed to doing a better job every day!


Florida Management and Consulting Group currently manages a portfolio of several hundred single family homes, duplexes and condos in South Florida. While some of these properties may be in a homeowners or condominium association, we do not manage the associations as a whole, but individual units only.

We adhere to Federal Fair Housing Standards and work well with your condo or homeowners association to assure a hassle free experience. Remember- there is never a charge to answer your questions. Please call us at 954-752-0547 or complete the form to the right.

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“South Florida isn’t the toughest place in the world to manage property… but it isn’t the easiest place either”. Hire someone with the experience and the passion to provide outstanding customer service.

Why Hire Us to Manage Your Coral Springs Property?

What’s The Difference?

Anybody can have a rental lease agreement drafted, tell the tenant how much the rent is, send out a plumber or call a lawyer and tell them to evict a tenant. So what’s the difference between one South Florida property management company and another?

Experience and Commitment!

To really be effective as a South Florida property manager you should have lots of experience actually managing property. You have to be able to learn from your experience and apply the lessons learned to the next day’s business. However, if all you have is experience and are not committed to becoming better, you are not going to offer the public very much in the way of service.

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At Florida Management and Consulting Group we have a full time team member designated as our Customer Service Manager. His job is to guarantee outstanding customer service (tenant and landlord inquiries are our top priority).

And the job isn’t done until everyone is happy!

Managing residential property, like most businesses, is all about experience and judgment. Roger Schalk and Dave Harper are property managers with Florida Management and have lots of experience actually managing property… AND they are committed to doing a better job every day!

Roger and Dave have a combined total of over 40 years’ experience in the South Florida property management business and can claim that they have the good judgment that comes from all the experiences they have been through over those 40 plus years. These are learned skills. They have managed hundreds of homes right here in South Florida. This has been done with a very high level of integrity in every decision that they make.

What are the Characteristics of a Professional Property Manager?

First, you must have enough experience to do the job. Second, you must have mature judgment enough to handle the toughest problems. And lastly, you absolutely must have the passion to deliver the high level of service that everyone expects. If you aren’t doing these things every day, you aren’t a “professional”!

Roger and David from Florida Management and Consulting Group have looked after me for almost a decade. They are good honest people. They are diligent with tenant screening – in as much as we have passed on numerous tenants before to get the “right” tenants into a property. Most importantly, they take the hassle out of maintenance when maintenance is due – including when necessary organizing things like hurricane shutters, or inspections for insurance renewals, etc. I can’t say enough good things about David and Roger and they always have my support. Thank you team!

Matt Ramsay


We work with tenants, not against them. We know that a successful experience for owners depends on a successful experience for tenants. It’s our job to ensure tenants have a secure, attractive, and comfortable home. We are responsive to the needs and desires of our renters, and we develop and maintain respectful, collaborative relationships.

Current Tenants

Current tenants find working with us to be smooth and conflict-free. With an online portal, it’s easy to make rental payments online and submit maintenance requests. We are here to answer questions and solve problems.

Future Tenants

If you’re thinking about renting one of our properties, you can use our website to browse our available properties, take a look at our rental criteria, and fill out an application. Talk to us about what you’re looking for, and we’ll tell you what kinds of tenants we’re quick to approve.

They have been Managing a Duplex for me in Coral Springs for about 5 years now and I have no real complaints. Their screening process is very thorough, I have had very little tenant turn over and when I do they find quality tenants. I am from NY so getting used to doing business at a Florida pace takes some patience, but most concerns get addressed in a timely manner and they are diligent with your financials.

Andrew Cimmino

Property Management Company in the Coral Springs Area.

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