Our Boca Raton Marketing Plans Reduce Vacancy

Florida is a great place to live. Eat. Drink. Managing a rental property here? That’s a bit difficult.
The real estate market in Florida is very competitive, and many property owners find it hard to market properties on their own.
Minimize the stress of DIY property listing and marketing with the help of an expert property management company like Florida Management & Consulting Group.
With decades of experience in managing different types of properties in the South Florida region, our accomplished team can assist you in creating an attractive listing that brings in the best tenants.
We are the experts you need to transform your rental business!

Ace the Marketing Game with Experienced Experts

Boca Raton is the perfect place to buy an investment property due to its expansive shoreline and the financially rewarding real estate market. However, it is near-impossible to make a successful investment property owner in Florida without proper guidance from experienced professionals.

That’s where we come in.

With our team of experienced professionals, we can help you navigate your way around the lush neighborhoods and grand properties to find and market the best investment options.
Enlist our help for top-of-the-line investment property listing and marketing services.

Listing and Marketing Your Boca Raton Rental Home With Ease


Property Inspections & Upgrade Recommendations

Timely inspections and evaluations of a rental unit help you protect your investment property from any potential future damage. We conduct thorough inspections of the interior and exterior of your rental unit to ensure it is in prime rentable condition.

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By identifying and resolving repairs or maintenance issues before they escalate to something bigger, we ensure the continued protection of your asset.We also provide insights on any upgrades or changes required in your rental to increase its desirability and market value. With our methodical processes, our team ensures that your property is in its best condition, inside and out, before listing.

Marketing & Listing the Property

Finding the right tenant for your rental property is not a cakewalk. We help you minimize vacancies and find the perfect tenant by efficiently listing and marketing your property.
With our network of real estate professionals in Southern Florida, we do our best to find a tenant who can take care of your property.

We advertise your vacancies on many digital platforms and list your property on popular listing websites to reach the right audience.

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Some of our marketing and listing practices include:

  • Setting competitive rates for your rental by thoroughly analyzing the condition of the property, upgrades, amenities, and the rates of the area.
  • Getting your property rent ready and carrying out thorough maintenance.
  • Executing a marketing plan to establish your rental’s online presence.
  • Professionally staging and photographing the property to showcase it in the best light.
  • Responding immediately to tenant requests.

Arranging Rental Showings

First impressions matter. To get your property rented fast, you need to create a great first impression on your potential tenants.

To make your property ready for a showing, here’s what we do:

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  • We clean the unit thoroughly to bring out a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • We add placeholder furniture and fixtures that emphasize the aesthetics of the rental space.
  • Before a showing, we ensure that your property looks its best and appears welcoming.

We help potential tenants envision themselves in the space. To minimize your vacancy rate further, we also ask the tenants detailed questions to determine if they are the right fit for your property.

Free Consultation

With a free consultation we can help you properly price your rental property. Incorrect pricing is one of the reasons that properties stay on the market longer than necessary. A vacant property isn’t making you any money, so let’s get it right.

With this consultation, we’ll use your address and details about your home to compare what you offer to other properties already on the market. This will give you a high and low range, and we’ll talk about the best way to position your home competitively in the rental market.

Contact Us at (954) 752-0547 or click the button below to get a free consultation.

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Property Management Company in the Coral Springs Area.

Nov 24, 2023
Google - Rudy - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Management and staff are helpful and courteous.
Oct 31, 2023
Google - Ron - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Very pleased with the level of service displayed and the renting of our unit
Oct 29, 2023
Google - Lou - Florida Management & Consulting Group
I can't say enough about this company. They are there to help you with everything. It only takes a phone call to get your needs met. Dave, Roger, and Mary Ellen answered all my concerns during a recent family emergency. They stepped up to make the transition go very smoothly. I highly recommend Florida Management.
Sep 23, 2023
Google - Elvira - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Very good service!
Aug 23, 2023
Google - Carolyn - Florida Management & Consulting Group
I am an old lady who did not want to manage my own rental property. I wanted help. So I Googled the "best real estate management companies" in the Ft Lauderdale area. Up popped "Florida Management and Consulting Group, Inc." with rave reviews. They had more great reviews than any other rental company. So, I googled a request to speak with someone and within a day David, the owner, contacted me and it was a wonderful experience. David, interviewed me as well as my interviewing him. He has decades of real estate experience and tenant expertise. So does his staff. I signed up and within a week Florida Management found me a fabulous tenant including two kids and a dog. I love dogs so this is a perk. The management company also took care of the lease, inspections, background checks, ... everything. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for my income rent to be posted on their once-a-month update. Nice people. YES, I definately recommend Florida Management and Consulting Group. W
Aug 10, 2023
Google - Mesh - Florida Management & Consulting Group
This company is amazing 🤩 They are promo, efficient and dedicated to taking care of the tenants every issue, everytime. I am a very happy tenant.😊
Jul 21, 2023
Google - Kimberly - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Very good company I had one issue in when I called the emergency number they came out that same day! I love my home it’s beautiful and perfect for me and my family…
May 26, 2023
Google - Tone - Florida Management & Consulting Group
FMCG is a top notch company to care of your rental property while you have moved.. I'm out of state and fully trust their team to watch over our property and tenant.
May 8, 2023
Google - Arnelle - Florida Management & Consulting Group
I am very appreciative of the attention and guidance Florida management and Consulting Group Inc provides regarding my mom's property.
Mar 18, 2023
Google - Debbie - Florida Management & Consulting Group
It has been a year since I decided to work with Florida Management & Consulting Group, I am very satisfied with them because they have acted correctly to carry out what is necessary for the management of my property. I recommend them.
Jan 22, 2023
Google - Rachael - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Great experience from the moment I reached out about a property for rent. Less than 1 week from my application to getting the keys. Everyone I have spoken with has been so helpful.
Aug 21, 2022
Google - EVE - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Florida Management and Consulting are #1! They are professional and responsive to our needs.
Aug 18, 2022
Google - Lisa - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Great experience, good follow through, good customer service
Jun 18, 2022
Google - Faby - Florida Management & Consulting Group
We have recently decided to rent our home. We interviewed a few companies to manage our property and without hesitation we decided to move forward with Florida Management & Consulting Group. Dave, Chris, Mary Allen are all very professional and we could tell right away that our home would be in great hands. Thank you!
May 16, 2022
Google - Dave - Florida Management & Consulting Group
After several years of experience working with FL Management & Consulting Group as a property owner, I have the highest respect for their entire staff, and appreciate the commitment and spectrum of support capabilities they provide in managing rental property. The experience and knowledge of their leadership coupled with the support team provides a complete service to effectively manage properties that provide quality service and response to tenants, while professionally managing properties within the guidelines and interest of the owners.
Feb 27, 2022
Google - Angela - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Never any problems or issues!! 😁
Feb 21, 2022
Google - Richard - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Always there if needed!
Jan 24, 2022
Google - Ernesto - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Few companies go "above and beyond." Many talk about it but few actually do it. Difficult to find a company that year-round will maintain the high-level of "excellent customer service" they promise. Florida Management not only has the knowledge, but they apply themselves to an outstanding level of customer service that has exceeded my expectations from day one. They have not stopped executing on their promise of serving me or my tenant. It is evident they deviate from others’ “autopilot” approach and ensure each customer is understood and served correctly. My experience as a customer (landlord) with Florida Management gives me the pleasure of highly recommending them. They have proven to excel in customer service. Thank you to Dave and his highly dedicated team. It is not an easy decision to make so I am sharing my experiences with you to hopefully help you in the process. Backstory: My rental property is not an investment but rather, the home that my wife, kids and I have lived in and created fond memories for over a decade. Therefore, I was reluctant to rent it out. Interview with Dave: Months in advance of my property being rented out, Dave took the time, listened and ultimately understood my situation and approach to converting my home to a rental property. I could tell that he was not on “autopilot” or just listening to another landlord. He was fully engaged. We walked around the home and he answered my questions on changes and upgrades I was considering. I was not surprised he was professional, friendly, realistic, down-to-earth, and extremely knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and later followed up with more information. His dedication sold me on his company but more importantly, he has maintained that level of customer service ever since. Price of services: Shopping around, I was happy to find their prices are competitive. Since the price made sense, I removed that as a differentiator and it came down to customer service so I asked myself “who do I want to do business with?” I'm glad I chose Florida Management. Finding the right tenant: Dave laid out all the information and helped me make a decision. I’m sure not every tenant story is the same BUT I am incredibly happy with my tenant. Perhaps I lucked out or perhaps Dave is that good. I couldn’t be happier with the decision we made. Rental price: Dave was spot on and suggested a competitive rental amount that made sense to the market and to me. To reiterate, I recommend Dave and his company for your property management needs. UPDATE: I am adding this portion since I decided to sell my home with Dave. We were thrown a curve-ball last minute. I was not expecting that Dave would stay with me well after the close of the house. He got his money but did he walk away? Not at all. He stayed with me dealing with City and legal issues, both beyond our control and completely unforeseeable. Months after, I really was expecting him to throw in the towel because so many others do. He constantly surprised me and he did not slow down until the issue was completely resolved. WOW. Where else do you get this level of service? Well earned 5 Stars!
Jan 22, 2022
Google - David - Florida Management & Consulting Group
The entire FL Management team and staff consistently provides property management in a professional and courteous manner to tenants while supporting the needs and financial objectives for property owners.
Nov 17, 2021
Google - Tiezheng - Florida Management & Consulting Group
For a land lord, no news is a good news. The business is running smoothly so far.
Aug 1, 2021
Google - Robena - Florida Management & Consulting Group
David and Roger, along with the rest of their team at Florida Management and Consulting Group have been managing our property for over 7 yrs providing A+ customer service. They are very hardworking, always honest and transparent in their interactions with us. They keep us regularly updated and provide timely and detailed reports. What makes this team outstanding is that they strive hard and are committed to developing and maintaining a great relationship with both the Landlord and the Tenant. Highly recommended!
Jul 31, 2021
Google - Lee - Florida Management & Consulting Group
I have been working with Dave and Rodger for 10 years now and they have helped me maximize the return on my investment and always deliver on time.
Jul 21, 2021
Google - Kris - Florida Management & Consulting Group
I have had Florida Management and Consulting Group managed my property for about 4 years. I can say that I came across them through google, looking for a property management company to manage my condo in Florida because I was living, at the time, in NYC. Dave and Roger are VERY professional!! They consulted me with everything that they need to fix in the condo and they explained everything in detail. Whenever something wasn't working or broken in the condo they would IMMEDIATELY get in touch with me. They gave me choices of how to get whatever need to be paired. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond me control I had to relocate to Florida so I moved into my condo. It was immaculate when I moved in. On top of that I thought I owed them money for managing my property without a tennant residing there. But instead they called me up and told me that THEY owed me instead! They are TRULY a God sent to me because it is not easy managing my own property while living several hundred miles away! I REALLY appreciate them AND hope to do business with them very soon in the future!! Thanks very much for your help and also you too Alex!!
May 26, 2021
Google - ANDREW - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Roger and Dave have been managing our investment properties for over 13 years, they do a great job at securing quality tenants and keeping our properties in great shape Andrew C
Mar 19, 2021
Google - Daniel - Florida Management & Consulting Group
Excellent Property Management Services, would highly recommended!

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