Today we’re talking about tenant evictions, and what you should do when you need to remove a tenant from your property. Most of the time, we evict tenants for failure to pay rent when it’s due or for a breach of lease. A breach of lease could be when a tenant tries to move in a dog that’s prohibited or an unauthorized occupant. In these situations, you would want to pursue all the owner’s legal remedies and that includes evicting the tenant.

Our experience tells us nobody wants to be evicted. You should try to be a problem solver and work it out if you can. But don’t be a bleeding heart. File your paperwork quickly. Use a process server, which will cost you about $40, and get it right. The most important thing to remember with evictions is to hire the right legal talent. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone try to do their own eviction unless they’re an attorney.

EvictionThe expense of an eviction shouldn’t cost you more than $500 in a simple case. That’s the average to evict two people. Remember that time is money and you want to get it done quickly. You’ll always have the opportunity to stipulate with the tenants so that they can pay what they owe up to the very last minute. The judge will sign the eviction order and if they fail to come through, they will be out of your property quickly.

When you need to evict your tenants, seek legal advice so you can get it done right the first time. You don’t want to have to go back and do it again, that can get expensive.

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