Today we’d like to talk a bit about whether you should let tenants perform maintenance on your property. The answer to this question: absolutely not.

The liability of having a tenant do any kind of maintenance on your property is huge. We can give you a lot of examples but at the end of the day, you don’t want a tenant to do any kind of maintenance on your property. You don’t know if the tenant has the proper skill level, and you don’t know if the tenant can fix it properly. There is no benefit to letting tenants do maintenance for you. If you’re going to reduce the rent for a tenant because he made a repair, you might as well hire a professional. That’s our advice anyway and it applies all the time. Hire a professional, get the problem fixed right and you won’t have the liability of a tenant fixing something on your property.

What’s the worst that can happen? The tenant could electrocute a child or burn the house down. So many things can happen when a tenant does maintenance on a property, and none of them are good. And you don’t find that out until the damage is done and you wish you hadn’t done it.

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