Today we’d like to talk a little bit about hurricane preparation. Tenants might be wondering what to do and how to prepare your property for a hurricane. There are three things you can do whether you are a tenant or owner:

  • Make a plan.
  • Stick to your plan.
  • Remember that you have a plan.

You’re going to have newspapers and television news and everyone else giving you checklists and good ideas about what you should do. Sort through that information for what you can use, because historically it has included important things. Newspapers and TV can tell you what to do, but they cannot make you have a plan and stick to it. That plan becomes critical. The closer the hurricane gets to landfall, the more you need to have a plan.

Hurricane Preparations for Your Rental Home – South Florida Property Management AdviceIn South Florida, hurricane season is around June 1 to November 30. That’s about a six month timeframe. There’s no rule that says it will only occur then, it just means that conditions are right. In Florida you really can’t breathe easy until December. However, you have plenty of time to prepare and people will advise you on what to do.

People ought to think about planning and preparation early in the summer. Plan for an emergency, and buy canned food and supplies that will last. Buy the milk that stays on the shelf for six months and be sure to have a lot of water on hand. Then, you need to have a plan and work that plan.

If you have any questions about hurricane preparation, please contact us at Florida Management & Consulting Group in Coral Springs, and we’d be happy to tell you more.