Everybody has air conditioning problems and electrical problems. How do you select a reliable vendor?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an owner managing his own property or a professional property manager trying to find a good vendor. Always select your vendors based on reputation, never on who is going to do a job for the least amount of money. You’ll find out quickly that’s not a wise way to do business. Select a vendor who has a customer service attitude and who appreciates the opportunity to do what they do best. The best vendors will repair your equipment properly and make you happy so they can win your business again in the future.

Select vendors who take personal responsibility for their work and will admit when they make a mistake. Nobody is perfect, and people can and do make mistakes. You want the owner of an air conditioning company or an electric company to agree to go back and make it right if something is done wrong. That’s what we expect from vendors who stand behind their work.

Selecting VendorsPricing is important. You want to have someone who prices fairly: not too high and not too low, but fairly. Your vendors should have an interest in doing a good job every time they come out, whether they are a plumber who works by himself or a plumber who has five trucks on the road.

Make sure to choose vendors who do good work and stand by their work. You want them to be interested in ensuring you will refer them to your friends and other property owners. That’s how you select a reliable vendor.

If you have any questions on selecting vendors, please contact us at Florida Management & Consulting Group, and we would be happy to provide you with more information.