Today we are talking about how an owner should approach code compliance. You really need to get your attitude right when it comes to code compliance. You have to comply with the codes in place. Sometimes, it seems unreasonable and a little overbearing but you have to know what you’re required to do and then you have to do it.

When you get one of those white forms from the city, it’s important to react immediately and thoroughly. Go out and meet with the code officer at the property. Go through the officer’s findings and make sure you understand exactly what they’re looking for. Then, get a qualified vendor to do the work that is necessary. This is the only thing that works all the time. Give them what they want.

It’s a good idea to develop a professional and respectful working relationship with the code officers you deal with on a regular basis. It will help things go smoother when you do have a code issue that you need to take care of.

Remember that they make these rules for the best intentions of everyone in the city. It’s best to conform, and at the end of the day, the city is happy, you are happy and everyone is happy. The property will also continue looking nice and there won’t be any fines to worry about. You’ll also avoid any heartburn that can often come with code compliance issues.

Code Compliance in Coral Springs Landlord AdviceMake sure your lease requires the tenant to conform to city code. It’s also a good idea to support your local municipality. Get to know your commissioners and maybe you’ll be able to get unreasonable code propositions voted down.

If you have any questions about complying with city codes, please contact us at Florida Management & Consulting Group, and we’d be happy to help you.