Here we are in 2015, and the rental market in South Florida is very, very strong. The demand for housing, whether condos or duplexes; triplexes or big houses, is strong. With demand high and supply down, across the board the market is strong.

2015 Rental Property Market Update and Forecast for South FloridaIf you’re pricing your property at the market rates, you’re going to have a qualified tenant wanting to rent from you. Just remember a few things – keep the property in good repair, keep it clean, and price it right. We cannot emphasize that enough. Just because the market is strong, it doesn’t mean you can price it wherever you want. If you’ve got a four bedroom, two bath home with a pool, you’re going to get what the other homes in the neighborhood are getting for a four bedroom, two bath with a pool. You’re not going to get more and you shouldn’t accept less.