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As leaders in the local property management market, we want to improve the way residential management services are delivered to owners and tenants. We want to do a better job partnering with vendors and real estate agents. All of us face similar challenges, and we have the tools, resources, and experience to help solve problems creatively, in our own market and industry-wide. 

Better property management starts with better education. Check out our blogs and videos to learn more about renting out homes and managing Florida properties.


How Does a Florida Management Company Select Vendors?

Everybody has air conditioning problems and electrical problems. How do you select a reliable vendor? It doesn’t matter whether you’re an owner managing his own property or a professional property manager trying to find a good vendor. Always select your vendors based...

How a Coral Springs Property Management Company Looks After Your Home

Today we’d like to talk to you about what outstanding customer service is. That term depends on the customer’s point of view. When the customer is the landlord, outstanding customer service isn’t just collecting the rent or evicting a tenant who isn’t paying rent....

Good Property Management in Coral Springs, FL

Today we’d like to talk to you about what a good property manager looks like, or what it takes to be a good property manager. To be a good property manager, you have to have a mature sense of judgment, you have to have lots of hands-on experience and you have to have...

If you own a rental property in Broward, this is the company you want managing your property. In my opinion, FMCGI is ideal for both seasoned investors owning multiple properties, as well as first time landlords.

When I started business with FMCGI, I was a new investor living in California, who had just purchased his first duplex. Dave, Roger, and their staff have taken care of me ever since that first phone call. Among other things, they eliminate headaches and present me with the best long-term business strategies to meet my goals, as I plan to own more properties. Their emphasis on finding quality tenants (not just the first person with a deposit) and mitigating issues before they become problems has proven crucial to the success of my investment.

Robert C.

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